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Sweet Potato and Spinach Quesadillas

March 26, 2012

These are delicious.  Trust me.  They are healthy for you as well.


This is my version of the one found in Health magazine, April 2012 issue.  Thank you Mrs. Melissa for sharing this magazine with me and my mom.


2 medium sweet potatoes                             8 (6-inch) flour tortillas

4 cups baby spinach                                        1 cup shredded part-skim Mozzarella

2 – 4 tsp. olive oil


Microwave potatoes on high for about 15 minutes or until tender.  When done, remove flesh and transfer to a bowl.  Mash potatoes.  Divide potato filling among four tortillas.  Top each one with 1 c. spinach, 1/4 c. cheese, and another tortilla.

In a non-stick skillet, heat one tsp. olive oil at a time to cook quesadillas until they are crisp and cheese is melted (about three minutes each).  Cut quesadillas in quarters and serve.


I served these with fresh, sliced pears.  I hope you enjoy these as much as my mom and I did.

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