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Cast Iron Ravioli Casserole with Parmesan Green Beans

July 11, 2014

This was a great Italian meal that everyone in my family liked.  This recipe comes from my pastor’s wife’s mother, Jan Boesel.  Her recipe, Ravioli Casserole, is in the Nazarene South Texas Gals District Cookbook.  In it, she says it is one of her grandchildren’s favorite meals!  This is my version of her recipe. (Kevin Wilson)

1 (25 oz.) jar Sal and Judy’s All Natural Heart Smart Chunky Italian Sauce with (55% less sodium)

4 cups spaghetti sauce (see California Style Italian Spaghetti sauce recipe in the low fat meal category)

1 (25 oz.) pkg. frozen cheese ravioli

16 oz. small-curd cottage cheese

2 (8 oz.) pkg. Sargento Chef’s blends 6 Cheese Italian


1.  Mix together both sauces.

2.  Spread 1 cup evenly on bottom of large cast iron skillet.

3.  Layer 1/2 ravioli, 2 c. sauce, 1 c. cottage cheese, 2 c. Italian cheese blend.

4.  Repeat Step 3.

5.  Bake, uncovered, at 350 degrees for 40 minutes.

Serve with garlic bread sticks, Parmesan green beans, and cantaloupe.

(If you don’t have time to make the California Style Italian Spaghetti Sauce, substitute any can or jar of spaghetti sauce.  When I made the spaghetti sauce earlier in the week, I doubled the recipe to use for later.  This was the perfect time to use it!)


Green Beans:

12 oz. PictSweet Deluxe Whole Green Beans

1/4 c. Parmesan

Cook green beans according to package directions.  Spoon on plates.  Sprinkle Parmesan on top before serving.


IMG_2070 IMG_2072


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