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From Death to Life

October 26, 2014

“If this tumor inside the brainstem continues to grow upward, it will affect his breathing. If it continues to grow downward, it will affect his mobility. We just cannot predict which way it will grow.”

These words were imparted to us by the very gifted, Dr. Cole Giller, the neurosurgeon in charge of Kevin’s radiation treatments for the tumor inside his brainstem (gamma knife radiation) and the one in his basal ganglia area (cyber knife radiation).
Without the expertise of such a brilliant neurosurgeon, whose background includes devising a way for infants to safely receive radiation, and without the prayers of others, Kevin might not have lived past his seventh birthday.
“You’ll never be out of the woods with this,” shared Dr. Giller.
“You mean with NF,” I acquiesced. I had already resolved myself to that conclusion months earlier as this disorder, neurofibromatosis, continued to manifest itself in so many different ways inside Kevin’s body in the short few years leading up to this.
“No, with this brain tumor,” he cautiously clarified. He didn’t share this to frighten us; he shared it knowing that as concerned parents, we would want to remain vigilant in addressing Kevin’s medical needs.
We left his office and drove to the Ronald McDonald House where we stayed the night. I vividly recall going to the restroom, just to have a few minutes alone to process the information that was shared with us. It basically boiled down to my son being handed a death sentence. Yet, the more I thought about it, I was reminded that we are all given a death sentence which begins the moment we are first given life.  The revelation continued… Everyone who is ever born or conceived will eventually at some point in his or life face death. But I was reminded that is not what is important. What is important is life, that is, everlasting life. In that moment, peace settled into my soul because I knew that is where our hope is anchored. (John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son that whoever believes in him, shall not perish but have everlasting life.”)  I knew that Kevin believed in Jesus and was saved.  I knew then, he did not have a death sentence.  No!  The day he invited Christ into his life was the day the death sentence had been lifted and the gift of eternal life had been extended and accepted.
For the rest of the story- that tumor that invaded Kevin’s brainstem no longer exists! Praise the Lord!
Numbers 10:35 “Rise up, O Lord, let your enemies be scattered.” That tumor was Kevin’s enemy and God answered the prayers of those who interceded on his behalf by working through Dr. Cole Giller to help extend Kevin’s life here on earth. Thank you, Dr. Giller, for using your talents to help others.

Written by Renee Wilson, October 25, 2014

Pictures: Dr. Giller and Kevin. Kevin in front of cyber knife radiation table with his radiation mask, Barney, and Ty Beanie Bear.

(Due to the way that people steal identities on Facebook and even set up fundraisers for their own gain, without the actual people ever knowing about it, I state in advance that there might be people who will take advantage of Kevin’s situation. Please do not give to anyone who states that they are doing a fundraiser for Kevin or our family. From this point forward, we will include this disclaimer on all our stories, so if you do not see this on it, please PM us so we can investigate any fraudulent activities. Thank you and God bless!)



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