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Marha Pörkölt- Hungarian Beef Paprika Stew

November 1, 2014

“My name is Sophie. My father, my mother, my family- they are all gone, and I am alone. But that is not important. Only one thing is important- that I am a Jew, and that I survived…”
The recipe Kevin selected to cook today brought back memories of my senior year in high school when I was a contestant in the Texas Junior Miss Pageant. As a member of the top ten, I had the distinct honor and privilege of performing my talent in front of the live audience. In my monologue, I was not Renee; I was Sophie, a Jew, who suffered such atrocities during World War II that only few survived to tell. This was one of the proudest moments of my life, paying honor and tribute to a group of people who were stripped of everything, including their families, and eventually their lives.
This recipe, Marha Pörkölt, rekindles our desire to pay tribute to those who survived the Holocaust since it comes from the recipe collection of Eva Kenan, a survivor. Tori Avey shares Eva’s story on her cooking website. We encourage all Kevin’s fans to click on the link (or copy and paste) below to not only get access to the recipe for a unique stew, Marha Pörkölt- Hungarian Beef Paprika Stew, but to read the amazing background of Eva and her husband, David, who is also a survivor.
(A special thanks to Kevin’s cousin Kristin who actually brought him back some authentic Hungarian paprika from her travels to Budapest while on a mission trip in Romania. Kevin used it in this recipe.)—Hungarian-Beef-Paprika-Stew-540075

IMG_2772 IMG_2779

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