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Kevin’s Kickstarter Backers

November 19, 2014

The following people are graciously backing Kevin with his cooking and blogging.  We are deeply appreciative of each and every one!  We are also appreciative of those who gave who wished to remain anonymous.  Recipes brought to you with the funding provided by his backers will be noted “Brought to you by Kevin’s Kickstarter Backers.”

Diane Baker                          Dr. Debra White

Lowell Johnson Family      Daphne and Michael Campbell

Paula Knod                           Linda Rollins

Belva Currier                       Regina Staples

Shirlene Goodwin               Tamara Miguez

Donna Rogers                      Tina Todd

Marty Carlson                      Kelly Verret

Hettie Legg                          Diane Dotson

Rod and Frances Hopkins Jonathon Hughes

Desiree Trevino                   Martha Coats Hill

Sherri Taylor                        JHM

Dr. Lloyd Mercer                Mitchie Kenney

Cynthia Mullenax Simmons

Judi Burns                           LeAnn McDaniel

Ann Mckendry                    Carl Horoho

Charlene Ward                   Cindy Beethe

Judi Burns                           Julia Bailey

Donna Proctor                    Paula Jones

Craig and Carla Madeley   Connie Dorsett

Wendy Wyatt Buchanan   Iva Nell Morton

John and Cindy Branham  Melody Reppond

Terri Biediger Frizzell        Anthony Cantrell

Lisa Wimberly                    Lori Drewery Shaver

Dylan & Marjie Hughes    Marlin & Jayne Hughes

Abby Thornton                   Julie Rice

Rae Pat Farmer Dean        Rianna Bailey

Katie Clark                           Vicki Moore

Mary Pace                             Carolyn Cox

Sandra Hoppe                     Temple Rodriquez

Katey Mishler                            Ginger Davis

Norman Perry and Elaine Hackard

Beverly Battles                    Pat Rogde

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