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The Donut Man

December 6, 2014


Today we celebrate The Donut Man, Rob Evans. He had been a part of our lives for years as Kevin and Jace watched his videos with anticipation and excitement. They loved the Donut Man and so did I. His songs were always uplifting and his sidekick, Duncan, reminded us of the central theme of how “we are all like a donut, with a hole in our heart that only Jesus can fill.” Little did Rob know as he was sitting in that donut shop many years ago creating the concept of his series that he would one day be called on to fulfill a little boy’s wish- his Make-A-Wish. In the fall of 1999, Kevin was diagnosed with a life-threatening tumor inside his brainstem. A part of me knew that he would be eligible for a Make-A-Wish, but as a mom, I could not consider it because for me it would be acknowledging the worst. I couldn’t do it. I had to cling to hope, hope that God would destroy this tumor. Kevin survived that tumor, but a few months later, another brain tumor started growing for which he had to begin chemotherapy. The first few weeks of chemotherapy were not pleasant as he was in immense pain. His days were not as happy and carefree as they once had been. That is when I became open to the idea of a Make-A-Wish. This 8-year-old boy needed something to look forward to in the midst of his trials. That is when a wonderful group of angels descended in our home to meet Kevin and find out what he truly wished for. (At a later date we will highlight this group and the wonderful individuals who were instrumental in granting Kevin his wish.) What is it that Kevin wanted above all things? The world was at his feet. What would he request? He wanted the Donut Man to come to Nacogdoches to put on a performance for him and his friends. You see, Kevin loved Jesus, and in the back of his mind he wanted all his friends and their families to come to know Jesus and love Him just as much as he did. Since his first request involved a celebrity, he had to submit a second and third request. You should have seen the fallen look on his face when he was told he needed to come up with a couple of other options. To him, there had only been one option. He didn’t want any other. Finally, he consented to a trip to Disney World if the first didn’t pan out. When a celebrity is involved, the wish is basically in the hands of that person. He or she can either grant it or reject it. Thankfully, Rob Evans, said yes to Kevin’s request and Kevin was elated! On the night of his Make-A-Wish, several hundred people filled the sanctuary. As the Donut Man began singing, I looked over at Kevin, and knew that for that evening, he was carefree and happy. What a blessing that was to this mother’s heart! Thank you, Rob Evans, aka The Donut Man, for having fulfilled Kevin’s deepest, heart-felt wish! (Check out his website at to find out how you, your children, and grandchildren can enjoy the same uplifting songs that Kevin and Jace enjoyed in their childhood.)


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