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The Goody Man and Hawaiian Cookies

February 18, 2015

Hawaiian cookies and chemotherapy go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly; at least they did for Kevin, thanks to our good friend Keith Baggett. Kevin’s dad Thomas and Keith are lifelong friends, so it was only natural for Keith to come to our aid in our moment of need. When we began flying to Dallas via Angel Flight, we were in need of someone to transport us from the airport in Addison to the oncologist’s office at Medical City where Kevin had his weekly chemotherapy treatments. Keith was one of the first to step in and assist us in this area. His boss at Southwest Airlines was wonderful in allowing him to slip away from work to pick us up at the airport to take us to the hospital. He would often times come and get us when Kevin’s treatments ended to take us back to the airport to catch our flight home. On days he didn’t work, he’d stay and keep Thomas company as Kevin watched the animated Disney movie, “101 Dalmations.” In fact, whenever we were in Dallas attending to any of Kevin’s medical needs, we could always count on Keith to be there to support us from chemotherapy to back surgery. What a blessing this was to us. This alone speaks volumes of the heart of this man; yet, how he reached out and blessed Kevin during these times warmed this mother’s heart. Without fail, he would always show up with a bag of goodies to give to Kevin. Kevin always looked forward to seeing “Mr. Keith” anticipating what kinds of goodies would be in the bag. There was one special treat he always looked forward to getting and that was a special kind of cookie which Kevin referred to as Hawaiian cookies. They had a special blend of coconut and macadamia nut, among several other ingredients. As Kevin’s days of chemotherapy were nearing the end, we leaned on Keith once again. Knowing that he is a gifted poet, we asked Keith to write a poem in honor of Dr. Mulne, Kevin’s oncologist, to give to her to honor her in helping our eight-year-old son in his fight against one of his brain tumors. Not only did Keith write a poem honoring Dr. Mulne, he surprised us in writing one honoring Kevin. Having been in the trenches with Kevin, Keith witnessed Kevin’s remarkable faith and joy. His poem truly captures the spirit of Kevin. When Kevin entered his song writing phase, he wrote songs about the special people in his life. Needless to say, he wrote a song about Mr. Keith titled “The Goody Man.” Thank you, Mr. Keith, for having blessed us and ministered to us in our time of need! (Recipe for Hawaiian cookies are located under “Cookies.”)


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