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Dr. Pepper Cobbler a la Mode

June 27, 2015

Kevin and his friend Matthew were recently looking at recipes.  They came across this recipe so we decided to make it since Dr. Pepper is Kevin’s favorite soft drink.  Too, it reminded me of one of Kevin’s birthdays where the theme was Dr. Pepper.  For those who like their desserts very sweet, then this is the recipe for you.  It’s quick and easy.  Add a little Bluebell icecream (hopefully, it will be back in stores soon) and sprinkles, and you’ve got one sweet dessert!  Thank you, Matthew, for helping find this recipe for Kevin.  Thank you, Kickstarter backers, for supporting this recipe.


1 Devil’s Food Cake Mix

20 oz Dr. Pepper

1 stick of butter

Golden Vanilla Bluebell icecream (or your preferred brand)


First, lightly grease the inside of a crock pot.  Second, pour cake mix evenly in crock pot.  Next, pour Dr. Pepper evenly over the cake mix.  Add dots of butter.  Set crock pot to high and cook 2-3 hours.  The recipe called for 2 hours, but we cooked ours an additional hour.  Scoop a serving in a bowl.  Top with a dip of vanilla icecream and complete with some sprinkles.


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