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Why I Love Brookshire Bros.

March 17, 2016

Why I Love Brookshire Bros.
I checked out the new grocery store in town today. I was . . . disappointed. It’s not their fault, though. You see, they have to live up to some fairly high standards that I have become accustomed to over the twenty-eight years I have lived in this community.
What are these standards, you might be asking?
Fresh cut meat. Brookshire Bros. carries top-of-the line meat, cut to customers’ requests by Brookshire Bros.’ butchers. Every week, they run spectacular specials such as this week with their pork sirloins at 97 cents a pound. What many people might not know is that if a package is too large for the customer to use at one time, the customer can ask one of the guys in the meat department to take the one package and break it down into a couple of smaller packages so one can be used immediately while the other can be frozen to be used at a later date. Customer satisfaction is at the top of their list. With Kevin’s cooking ministry, we try to purchase most of our meat from Brookshire Bros. since we want to always serve the best. (P.S. Be sure to pick up some of their pork sirloins this week. Use Kevin’s recipe for Coca Cola Pork Chops at and you will have an easy and exceptionally delicious meal!)
Produce. I am in love with the produce section, partly because my husband is the produce manager, but also because his department always looks so beautiful. I love how they have started selling single serving fruits and vegetables which are perfect in today’s health conscious society.
Sales. Brookshire Bros. always has great sales, especially with meat and produce.
A place where everybody knows your name. The long-term employees at Brookshire Bros. have a genuine, caring relationship with their customers.
Compassionate Pharmacist and Staff. There is nothing better than having a pharmacist who truly cares about you and your needs and who is willing to go the extra mile when she can to meet your need.
A manager and assistant managers who listen. If customers have questions, concerns, or suggestions, they are open to hearing each one, and if it is within their ability, they will do what they can to address those concerns.
Community Driven. On a broad scale, Brookshire Bros. gives back to our local community through their financial sponsorship of the Blueberry Festival that draws in thousands of visitors into our community which helps our hotels, restaurants, and downtown businesses. On a personal level, Brookshire Bros. gives back to individuals and groups by allowing them to have bake sales. Thanks to their graciousness, hundreds of dollars have been raised at each sale for Harvest Festival participants and school students for school trips to Washington, D.C. and other places.
These are just a few of the reasons I love Brookshire Bros., especially the South Street location where I do most of my shopping. If you haven’t been shopping there in a while, I invite you to go in and take a look. You just might fall in love with it, too! ~Renee Wilson, Kevin’s mom

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