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Burrito Crunchwrap

February 8, 2018

I am so glad Kevin made this recipe for supper tonight.  Everyone raved about it!  This is something we could eat several times a month.  Kevin’s version of “Crunchwrap Supreme” comes from the website “Pinch of Yum.”


Spicy Ground Beef:

1 tablespoon olive oil

half an onion, minced

3 cloves garlic, minced

1 lb. ground beef

2 tablespoons taco seasoning

Pepperjack Cheese Sauce:

4 tablespoons butter

4 tablespoons flour

1 cup milk

8 ounces shredded Pepperjack cheese


large flour “burrito” tortillas




sour cream



Spicy Ground Beef: Heat the oil over medium heat in a large nonstick skillet. Add onion, garlic, and beef. Cook / break apart until the beef is browned all the way through. Drain grease.  Add taco seasonoing.

Queso: Melt the butter in a small saucepan. Add the flour and whisk until smooth. Let the flour cook for a minute or two, then slowly add in the milk, whisking after each addition. When the sauce is smooth, remove from heat. Stir in the cheese.

Wrap: Lay a large tortilla on a flat surface. Layer: beef, queso, sour cream, salsa / hot sauce, tomato, lettuce, cilantro. Fold the edges of the tortilla in. Place in a hot oiled skillet. Cook for a few minutes on each side until the exterior is firm, crunchy, and golden brown.


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